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Before I knew I loved to make videos I was making videos. Me and my friends would take my moms camera with us everywhere and shoot us having fun. I eventually had all this footage that I didn't do anything with. It wasn't until I was in the news class in high school that I realized that filmmaking was my passion. That day I begged my mom to help me buy a Mac, so I could edit the footage I had and I promised her I would pay her back. The rest is history from there. I am always shooting something whether its a job or just for fun.

Now I work for Devin Supertramp and also run my own YouTube Channel. I've spent 1,000's of hours perfecting my craft whether its filming or editing. What really drives me to make videos is making people laugh, cry, or get the chills while they are watching a video I've created. I absolutely love that! 

Some of My Favorite Videos